Why choosing vintage clothing?

1. Buying vintage clothes and accessories has more advantages for those who buy and for the community, is ethical and sustainable, buying vintage means allowing clothes and accessories that someone no longer uses to live once again while contributing to the reduction of wastage helping reducing pollution.

2. Lower prices, higher quality: it is possible to buy garments of major brands (and not), perfectly intact and in excellent condition with quality stitching, fabrics and details. You can buy rare pieces belonging to collections of the past, now out of production, at a cheaper price than the new fashion creations.
A garment that has stood the test of time and the many washes is a guarantee of good workmanship

3. Creative and personal style: as if it were the antiques of clothing, it is always exciting and fun to browse for something that will allow your wardrobe to be unique and that will allow you to create your personal style.

Virgil Abloh,  artistic Director of Luis Vuitton  says during an interview on Dazed:

"I would definitely say it’s gonna die, you know? Like, its time will be up. In my mind, how many more t-shirts can we own, how many more hoodies, how many sneakers? I think that like we’re gonna hit this like, really awesome state of expressing your knowledge and personal style with vintage – there are so many clothes that are cool that are in vintage shops and it’s just about wearing them. I think that fashion is gonna go away from buying a boxfresh something; it’ll be like, hey I’m gonna go into my archive. "